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Parents: Don’t Sacrifice Yourselves on The Altar of Your Children’s Education

  • November 29th, 2017

Parents have sacrificed their financial futures on the altar of their children’s education. Fueled by easy federal money and self-interested colleges, the result is a student loan crisis that appears already to be eclipsing the catastrophic proportions of mortgage indebtedness leading up to the financial collapse of 2008. I’m not anti-education. In fact, I valued my…

Crucial Conversations Before Your Child Heads to College

  • June 14th, 2017

Kathleen Longo, Flourish Wealth Management, Minneapolis, MN, 6/26/2015 With my oldest daughter now graduated from high school, the summer has been busy with various celebrations, planning for freshman orientation and preparing long lists of supplies necessary for life in a college dorm room. It has also presented an opportunity to talk with her about the…

Understanding Different Types of Risks

  • April 26th, 2017

Larry Swedroe on the importance of integrating all risks (not only the investment kind) into an overall financial plan. Larry Swedroe, Director of Research, The BAM ALLIANCE Harry Markowitz received the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1990 for his contributions to the body of work known as “modern portfolio theory.” Probably his greatest contribution…

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