FR Financial Advisors, LLC was founded in 2005 by Allen C. Forrest to address a critical need for many of the firm’s accounting clients. Following several years of careful review, we had observed that many of our clients in the South Florida area were in need of new and more sophisticated levels of financial service that we are uniquely positioned to deliver. By expanding our client services to include Financial Advisory Services, we created FR Financial Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisory firm, specifically to focus on Advisory Services.

We also have established a strategic alliance with Buckingham Strategic Partners to help us bring you a powerful team approach to your investment experiences.  Buckingham Strategic Partners also provides us with certain fixed income sub-advisory services.  We have chosen to work with Buckingham Strategic Partners because we are confident that the alliance brings you important benefits, including enhanced service levels; combined expertise and leveraging capabilities; cost-effective solutions; and back-office support that lets us spend more time with you, serving as your investment advisor.  Buckingham Strategic Partners was founded in 1997, with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.  Today it serves a nationwide base of more than 100 independent Registered Investment Advisor firm clients like ourselves, who particularly value the academically based, cost-effective approach we seek to deliver.

Our firm is entirely independent of Buckingham Strategic Partners.  We make our own decisions directly with you.  At the same time, we share a common approach to high-quality client service.  Its investment approach centers on Modern Portfolio Theory and passive investing primarily through the use of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) funds and Buckingham Strategic Partners's proprietary fixed income portfolio design and execution capabilities.

Our clients may attend hosted events with well known author, Larry Swedroe, who is a Principal and the Director of Research of the Buckingham Family of Financial Services. Buckingham Strategic Partners is our strategic partner. Through that relationship Larry provides us with direct access to academic research and how to best apply that research so that we can tailor investment strategies that provide investors with the greatest opportunity of achieving their financial goals given their unique ability, willingness and need to take risk. Larry’s opinions are his own and may or may not accurately reflect those of FR Financial Advisors, LLC.